The GamePi, Retropie Handheld, 11,000+ Games, Safe Shut Down, Fits In Your Pocket!

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The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Handheld...The GamePi

See it in action here:

This is portable Retropie gaming at it's finest. This is a small battery powered (or DC powered) Gameboy inspired handheld unit that isn't much bigger than an iPhone X. Put it in your pocket and take your Retro Arcade with you wherever you go. Save your game progress just like the original handheld or home gaming systems.

1. Small and Portable
2. Powers up with 3 AA Batteries (included) or a DC Cable Charger
3. Safe Shut Down- Power the unit off without fear of corrupting the Micro SD Card
4. 11,000 games including full game libraries of NES, SNES, Game Boy Advanced, SEGA Genesis, Neo Geo, PC Engine etc...
5. External Speakers
6. LED Power Indicator Light
7. Bright 2.8" inch IPS Screen
8. 3.5mm Audio Jack
9. DC Power Jack
10. D-pad+6 Button Controls
11. Gameboy Inspired Case

New Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Handheld with 11,000+ games. That's right...11,000 games! Retropie, Emulation Station & 11,000+ Games for POPULAR game consoles like NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Color Swan, Neo Geo, PC Engine ,Turbo Graphics 16, Sega Genesis, and PS1

Included Parts:

1 x Retroflag GPI Case and 2.8" Monitor
1 x Raspberry Pi Zero
1 x 32 GB Micro SD Card
3x AA Batteries already installed.
1 x DC Power Charging Cable

Amiga: 3374
Atari 2600: 648
Atari 7800: 54
Atari Lynx: 76
Commodore 64: 147
Coleco Vision: 146
Final Burn Alpha: 268
Game Boy: 569
Game Boy Hacked: 19
Game Boy Color: 538
Game Boy Advance: 1010
Game Boy Advance Hacked: 26
Game & Watch: 55
MSX: 735
NES: 872
NES Hacked: 6
Neo Geo: 141
Neo Geo Pocket Color: 40
Neo Geo Pocket: 7
OpenBor: 59
PC Engine: 290
Playstation: 8
Ports: 5
ScummVM: 12
Sega CD: 2
Sega Genesis: 610
Sega Genesis Hacked: 191
Sega Game Gear: 249
Sega Game Gear Hacked: 4
Sega-1000: 68
SNES: 605
SNES Hacks: 37
Super Grafx: 5
Turbo Grafx 16: 94
Vectrex: 126
WonderSwan Color: 84

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