The NesPi, Retropie Console, Raspberry Pi 3B+,Up To 26,000 Games, Up To 256GB SD Card

  • $179.99

The NesPi 

This is a Retro Arcade Console that pays homage to the classic NES.  Play up to 26,000 Retro Games on a Single System.  Playstation 1, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, N64, NES, SNES, Game Boy Advanced, MAME, Final Burn Alpha, Neo Geo, and Much, Much, More............    

Key Features:

  • NesPi case by Retroflag with Fan,  Power Switch and Reset Buttons.  
  • Easy Navigation and Kid Friendly.
  • Save Game States and Load Saved Game States with simple controller button combinations.
  • Original Box Art and Video Previews for each game in all game lists.
  • Eye Popping Retropie Theme for that Professional Console Look.
  • Top Quality Hardware to ensure Reliability and Performance (We don't cut corners on quality)
  • Quality Libraries of Tested and Working Games (We don't just do a big ROM dump).
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Wired USB and Wireless Controllers.
  • Plug and Play.  Nothing to Load, Download, or Install.  Hook it Up, Power Up, and Play.  

If you want something that isn't included in this listing just email us at and we can do a custom order.  You shouldn't have to compromise on your Retro Arcade Game System.  We'll Make it Work!

Included in the Base Bundle

  • 1 x NesPi Case with Working Power and Reset Buttons by Retroflag
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Equipped with Heat Syncs
  • 1 x 5V 3A Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Choose your SD Card Option

  • Micro SD Card (This choice will determine which systems and games are loaded on your console) 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB.....

Choose your Controller Option

  • iNext SNES, SNES Controllers by Retroflag, Wired Xbox One, Wireless PS3, Wireless 8bitdo SF30 Pro, Wireless PS4    


    View complete game lists for each Micro SD Card here:  

    32GB Micro SD Card 7,500+ Games):

    32GB Retropie Game List

    64GB Micro SD Card (12,500+ Games):

    64GB Retropie Game List

    128GB Micro SD Card (15,000+ Games):

    128GB Retropie Game List

    256GB Micro SD Card (26000+ Games)

    256GB Retropie Game List

    Available Game Systems

    • MAME Arcade
    • Final Burn Alpha
    • Neo Geo (Full Library)
    • Turbo Graphics 16 (Full Library)
    • PC Engine (Full Library)
    • Vectrex (Full Library)
    • Sega Mega Drive\Genesis (Full Library)
    • Sega Master System (Full Library)
    • Sega CD
    • Sega 32x (Full Library)
    • Sega 1000 (Full Library)
    • Sega Dreamcast
    • SNES (Full Library)
    • Famicom (Full Library)
    • Super Famicom (Full Library)
    • NES (Full Library)
    • Nintendo 64 (Full Library)
    • Play Station 1
    • PSP
    • ColecoVision (Full Library)
    • Atari 2600 (Full Library)
    • Atari 5200
    • Atari 7800 (Full Library)
    • Game Boy (Full Library)
    • Game Boy Color (Full Library)
    • Game Boy Advanced (Full Library)
    • Nintendo DS
    • Virtual Boy (Full Library)
    • Sega Game Gear (Full Library)
    • Atari Lynx (Full Library)
    • Neo Pocket Color (Full Library)
    • Commodore 64
    • Sinclair ZX Spectrum
    • CPC Amstrad
    • MSX
    • Intellivision
    • Game & Watch
    • Amiga
    • Apple II
    • Odyssey 2