Create your own Playstation Classic USB Drive! 64GB ,128GB, or 256GB

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Create Your Own Playstation Classic USB Drive

Would you like to be able to play up to  500+ Games on your Playstation Classic and decide for yourself which games those are?  If your answer is yes then look no further.  This Sandisk 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB USB drive turns your Playstation Classic into a console worth the money you paid for it.  It has the 20 original games included on the PSX (US Versions) + up to 500 PS1 games of your choosing.  

Using this USB couldn't be easier.  Just plug it in to the 2nd USB controller port on your PSX (powered down), power on the system, the PSX will boot directly to the USB where you can now play up to 500+ Playstation games.  Plug in a powered 2.0 USB HUB to the second port and you can use your second controller as well.  No changes are made whatsoever to the console itself so you don't have to worry about voiding the manufacture's warranty etc....

View the complete list of 1700+ PS1 games here:  Complete PS1 Game List

64GB USB Drive-  Select up to 115  Games

128GB USB Drive- Select up to 220 Games

256GB USB Drive- Select up to 450 Games


1.  Select the appropriate USB Size

2.  Complete your purchase

3.  A download link will be sent to you to download the PS1 Game List with check boxes enabled.

4.  Make your game selections and email to  Please reference your order number in the email.  

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