The Super Drive-23,000+ games for your Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 3- 1 TB USB Drive, Full Game Libraries!

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The Super Drive!  1TB USB Hard Drive For Your Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4.  ****Note: N64, Dreamcast, and PSP perform better on a Raspberry Pi 4****

Would you like to access to numerous complete retro game libraries on a single console including the full USA PS1 library?  If your answer is yes then look no further.  This 1TB USB Drive turns your Raspberry Pi into a virtual Retro Video Game Museum.   You will have access to loads of complete game libraries (including hacks) such as Atari, NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Turbo Grafx, MAME, Neo Geo, PS1 and much..much....more.  The drive also contains 60+ Sega Dreamcast games and 300+ PSP games.  

What makes the Super Drive special is not the quantity, but the quality.  Anyone can slam 50,000 ROMs on an SD card but half of them don't launch and most of them are low quality games with super small files sizes.  This drive contains 23,000+ retro games and 60+ different systems that have been carefully selected and tested.  Using this USB drive couldn't be easier.  Just insert the 32GB Micro Card into the SD slot on your pi, plug in the 1TB USB drive into one of the USB ports, boot your Raspberry Pi, and start playing.  You can easily connect PS3 and PS4 controllers to take advantage of the complete US PS1 Library along with all of the other game libraries.  All necessary drivers are already installed on the SD Card for other controllers.  Please specify in the notes sections at checkout whether you have a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4. 

Thank you!


1 USB Hard Drive (1TB) with USB Cable

1 32GB Micro SD Card

Connection, boot up and navigation instructions

View the complete game list here:

Super Drive

Break Down of Systems and Games

Break Down of Systems and Games

Classic Arcade Games

  • NEO GEO- 146
  • Classic Arcade- 2270


  • Atrari 2600- 665
  • Atari 5200- 82
  • Atari 7200- 59
  • Atari Lynx- 76
  • Amstrad CPC- 3107
  • Coleco Vision- 135
  • Commodore 64- 1575
  • Daphne- 18
  • Family Computer Disk System- 79
  • Intellivision- 215
  • Game Boy- 618 
  • Game Boy Color- 581 
  • Game Boy Advance- 1071 
  • Game Gear-  58
  • MSX- 400
  • NES- 2050 (includes hacks and Famicom versions)
  • N64- 340
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color- 83
  • Nintendo DS- 161
  • PC Engine- 287
  • PC Games- 1972 (requires a keyboard)
  • Ports- 21 Games
  • PS1- 1700!
  • PSP- 340
  • Scumm VM- 34
  • SG-1000- 72
  • Sega Master System- 385
  • Sega Genesis- 906
  • Sega 32X- 37
  • Sega CD- 145
  • Sega Dreamcast- 60
  • Sinclair Zx Spectrum- 377
  • SNES- 1396 (includes hacks and Super Famicom versions)
  • Turbo Grafx 16- 96
  • Vectrex- 34
  • Video Pac- 40
  • Wonder Swan- 105
  • Wonder Swan Color- 95

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This is an assembled product that DOES NOT include a warranty.

30 day (from the date received) return policy if you are unsatisfied with the product.

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