The PiStation, 1700+ Playstation Games. Raspberry Pi, 2 x PS3 Wireless Controllers

  • $249.99

The PiStation

This is the ultimate Playstation 1 Console!  1700+ games on a single box.  That's nearly the entire library of US released games. 

Key Features:

  • 1700+ US PS1 Games!  Nearly the entire library.  
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+, 128GB SD, 9 Layer Case with Fan and Power Switch
  • Easy Navigation and Kid Friendly.
  • 2 PS3 Wireless Remotes for optimal game play on all games.
  • Save Game States and Load Saved Game States with simple controller button combinations.
  • Original Box Art and Video Previews for each game in all game lists.
  • Eye Popping Retropie Playstation Theme for that Professional Console Look.
  • Top Quality Hardware to ensure Reliability and Performance (We don't cut corners on quality)
  • Quality Libraries of Tested and Working Games (We don't just do a big ROM dump).
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Wired USB and Wireless Controllers.
  • Plug and Play.  Nothing to Load, Download, or Install.  Hook it Up, Power Up, and Play.  

Included in the base build:

  • 1 x Case with Fan and Power Switch
  • 2 x Wireless PS3 Remotes
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Equipped with Heat Syncs
  • 1 x 5V 3A Raspberry Pi Power Supply
  • 1 x 32GB SD Card
  • 1 x 1TB USB Hard Drive

See game list here:  Complete PS1 Library