The Ultimate Playstation1 Retropie USB Drive- 1700 PS1 Games for your Raspberry Pi- 1 TB USB Drive

  • $99.99

1 TB USB Drive with 1700 PS1 Games For Your Raspberry Pi 3 or 4!

Would you like to have access to the entire US Playstation 1 Library (1700+ games) on your Raspberry Pi?    If your answer is yes then look no further.  This Seagate 1TB USB Drive turns your Raspberry Pi into the ultimate Playstation 1 game console.   You will have access to the entire US Library which equates to about 1700 games. 

Using this USB drive couldn't be easier.  Just insert the 32GB Micro USB Card into the SD slot on your pi, plug in the 1TB USB drive into one of the USB ports, boot your Raspberry Pi, and start playing.  You can easily connect PS3 and PS4 remotes to this.  All necessary drivers are already installed on the SD Card.  Please specify in the notes sections at checkout whether you have a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4.  Thank you!

View the complete game list here:

Complete PS1 Library


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